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Parish Update

Hello everyone! Just a couple of notices I wish to share with you all....

  1. The latest meeting minutes from 14th June 2021 are now available under the minutes tab.

  2. The end of year accounts have now been completed for the period 2020/21 and the Annual Governance And Accountability Return documentation has been submitted to the external auditor- a copy of this years' documents can be accessed under the 'finance' tab.

  3. The government have withdrawn the legislation that allows parish council's to meet remotely, therefore all parish council meetings will be held at the recreation ground (outside if the weather is fine). A risk assessment has been carried out to ensure everyone's safety and to ensure all appropriate measures have been taken to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19. I have attached a copy with this post. while we welcome you all to join the parish council meetings, please can we ask that you inform the clerk via email that you wish to attend on: so we can ensure that the space is set up to accommodate numbers safely, and that you do not attend if you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. Many thanks for your understanding.

Nicola Purcell

Parish Clerk and RFO

Risk Assessment return to facetoface meetings
Download PDF • 528KB

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